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Gold Plus Warranty

Even the most reliable of cars can let you down sometimes, then cost a fortune to repair. It's always worth thinking ahead! A car that is in perfect working order now maybe more likely to breakdown as it ages.

For our customers that have chosen a term for their lease vehicle that extends beyond that of the manufacturer warranty, you will find our GOLD Plus Warranty provides that extra peace of mind.

Why Not Let Us Foot The Repair Bill?

Our GOLD Plus Warranty is designed to help foot the cost of repair bills, including replacement parts, labour and VAT, when the manufaturer's warranty has expired.

And, when you consider that modern vehicles contain more than 1000 components, any of which may fail over time, the impact on your pocket could be painful.


Includes parts that fail due to age, wear and tear. 
Includes parts, labour and VAT 
Fast payment of valid claims Unlimited claims up to the invoice price of vehicle


Exclusions apply as detailed in the warranty schedule agreement. Please ask our support team for a copy.

Further Information

You can contact our dedicated support team member for further information on 0330 606 2599 or email

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