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Low prices for new vehicles

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The Team

Personal service

At we have a fantastic team of leasing brokers working to provide you with the best vehicles at the lowest possible prices. Of course low prices are great and along with world class customer service, we have a winning combination. A personal service is the easiest way to ensure our customers remain satisfied so having your own personal leasing broker gives you the ability to establish a real connection with our company. It enables our team to ensure our customers receive the service they expect, when they expect it. 

 Dedicated pricing team

The key to providing a successful service is the ability to present the right vehicle at the right price. Therefore, pull out all the stops to deliver the best quotes in the market. Over the years we have built up a fantastic network of suppliers enabling us to source the best vehicles at the lowest prices. Our dedicated pricing team are constantly checking a multitude of systems and searching for the cheapest, most cost effective deal to match your requirements. 

Support, all the way!

Once we have found you the best deal and your order has been placed, you will be passed over to the support team who will help you with all the post-order paperwork and delivery details. The support team consists of Rochelle, Alisha, Rachel, Rebecca and Sara - All of whom will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. In addition you will still be looked after by your dedicated leasing broker all the way through to the end of your contract hire term. When you are ready to start looking for your next vehicle they will be ready and waiting to provide the best prices at that time!

If you have already enquired...

If you have already enquired with us and would like to get hold of your dedicated leasing broker, please feel free to give them a ring or drop them an e-mail.

Andy -  0786 914 7792 

Anissa -  0777 333 2103 

Ashley -  0779 282 3001 

Carl - 0759 543 4297 

Dale -  0779 995 3758 

Leo - 0779 142 7247 

Natasa -  0793 924 0816 

Nicholas -  0777 045 4312 

Robert - 0795 029 1042 

Steve Tibbs -  0781 381 8062

Ally -  0771 818 2168

Amy - 0780 089 9810

Simon - 0794 315 6383

Steve Caruana - 0794 315 6384

Daniel - 0779 992 0152

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