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Fair wear and tear – the exterior of your vehicle

This article looks at what is considered fair wear and tear to the exterior of your vehicle when it is returned. As with any product that you lease, you will be expected to look after the vehicle and keep it in good working order.

Upon returning the vehicle an inspection will be carried out, the inside should be valeted and cleaned of rubbish to enable this to take place.

Acceptable Outline:
•There should be no rust, corrosion or discolouration to any painted area of the vehicle, this includes bumpers, body moulding and mirrors.
•The vehicle must have been inspected and serviced according to the manufacturer’s servicing/maintenance schedule. The original service book must be present and date stamped.
•All maintenance and repairs must be carried out by a repairer approved by the leasing company and proper records must be kept and be available for inspection. If records are kept electronically, you must ensure that the service interval display has been re-set in the vehicle’s on-board service history unit.
•Any repairs made before the vehicle’s return must be to a professional standards by an approved repairer who can provide full transferable warranty on their work.
•Any odometer alterations must be reported to and approved by the leasing company.
•Repaired chips, scratches and dents are acceptable provided the work is completed to a professional standard by repairers who can provide full warranty on their work.
•Small areas of chipping, including the door edge is acceptable. Debts up to 10mm in diameter, are acceptable provided there is no more than 2 per panel and the surface of the paint is not broken.
•Scratches and abrasions up to 25mm are acceptable, relative to the vehicles age and mileage and provided the primer or bare metal is not visible.
•Scuffs and scratches up to 25mm are acceptable on the wheel arch trims providing the moulding is not broken, racked or deformed.
•All labels, logos and advertising livery applied to the bodywork or glass of the vehicle should be removed and the vehicle returned to its original colour and condition unless otherwise agreed in writing by the customer with the vehicle leasing company.
•Tow bars can only be fitted with approval from the leasing company. If fitted, the tow-bar must be in good working order, free from rust, with good electrical connections. A ball cover must be in place.
•Light scratching to mirrors, glass and lights is acceptable provided it does not interfere with the driver’s line of sight. All heating elements must be in good working order.
•All lights must work, minor scuffs and scratches up to 25mm are acceptable.
•Scuffs totalling up to 50mm on the total circumference of the wheel trim and on alloy wheels are acceptable. Not acceptable Outline:
•Holes or cracks in the glass or plastic covers of the lamps are not acceptable.
•Missing, cracked or damaged door mirrors are not acceptable. If adjustable and/or heated, they must be in good working order
•Repaired chips within the driver’s line of sight is not acceptable. Repaired chips outside of the driver’s line of sight are acceptable provided they are repaired to a professional standard and the work is warrantied.
•Any damage caused by fitting or removing badges, emblems, labels, logos and advertising livery, included faded paintwork, is not acceptable.
•Dents on the roof or swage line on any panel is not acceptable.
•Chipping of paintwork is not acceptable if the area of chipping requires the entire panel, bumper or trim to be repaired or repainted.
•Unauthorised odometer changes are not acceptable.
•There must be no damage to the sidewalls and tread. Evidence of uneven wear due to under or over inflation is not acceptable.
•Dents and holes in the wheels rims and trims are not acceptable.
•Any damage to wheel spokes and the hub of the alloy wheel is not acceptable.
•Any impact damage to the vehicle’s underside is not acceptable.
•Abuse or damage to catalytic converters is not acceptable.

The British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association or BVRLA have produced Fair Wear and Tear Guides for more information visit their website. (Link:

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Posted on 10th October 2018 at 1:35 PM

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