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Thinking about an electric car?

You’ve already made the first step towards eco-friendly motoring by considering an electric car. Let us help you make it as eco and pocket-friendly as possible.

What you need to make the most out of your electric car...

1. A charging point

You can charge an electric car off a standard 3-pin plug socket but that can take anything up to and even over 24 hours, especially with high-performance vehicles.What you need is a dedicated 7kW standard charge point which can be installed anywhere and will reduce your charging time by over half!

Alternatively, if you have a premises with a 3-phase supply and you need a high-performance solution, upgrade to a 22kW charger and cut the time down by up to 80%.We have partnered with qualified and experienced installers who can have you up and running in no time with chargers installed in the most convenient place for you.

Not only that but the Office for Low Emission Vehicles is currently offering grants* of up to 75% for charging points so now is the time to make the move.

2. Solar panels

Charge your new electric vehicle for next to nothing!

If you already have solar photovoltaic (pv) panels then congratulations, you are taking advantage of free energy and receiving payments off the government as income. If you don’t have panels, let us arrange the installation for you at highly competitive rates. From standard domestic 4kW arrays up to more sizeable systems for commercial or even large domestic properties you could be generating free energy and using it to power your car – basically driving for free!

Currently 4kW systems cost around £5,500** (+ VAT) to install and you could expect to see a combination of savings and income worth around £25K over the next 25 years*** Our guys use tier 1 solar panels and market-leading inverters for maximum output and reliability and their work is guaranteed so you can feel secure.

3.Battery storage

Make sure you keep every bit of the energy generated by your new solar array by installing a battery system.The best known name in battery storage is probably the Tesla Powerwall but there are others on the market and they come in any size from 2kW upwards so our guys can find the best one for your needs.Even without solar pv you might benefit from taking advantage of night rates by charging your battery overnight and using it during more expensive hours.

*information correct at 31st January 2019
**minimum estimated cost subject to surveys and conditions
***this is an estimate based on standard conditions. We will provide a bespoke analysis during the planning process

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