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Complete Wheel Cover

What if?

You drive over glass or picks up a nail?

You could burst a tyreon the kerb or a pothole. You might even suspect that someonehas deliberately punctured your tyres.

Whether the damage is accidental or malicious, flats are a realinconvenience and repairs or replacements cost. Unless you invest in Tyre Insurance.


Five tyres including the spare.
Repair and replacement up to £250 per tyre incVAT.
Run flat tyre cover is available on payment of anadditional premium.


Your alloys get knocked about?

No matter how careful you are, scuffs and scratches seem to be a fact of motoring life. Unless you have Alloy Wheel Insurance.

No more inconvenient, pricey trips to the body shop. If your claim is successful, we arrange for a specialist to come and make wheel repairs at your home or workplace at a time that suits.

As with most insurance policies there are lots of benefits and exclusions, so for full details, please give our dedicated support member a call on 0330 606 2600 or email

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